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Tabernacle design is a design company catering to a variety of needs.

Specialising in Bespoke wood sculpture, architectural drawings and engineering solutions we have grown to encompass a variety of other design functions, such as graphic design, industrial design, engineering solutions, website design, artist renderings made to request and more.

So don't hesitate to ask if your creative requirement isn't listed here, or doesn't have a specification yet. Tabernacle design consists of creative minded people ready to learn and adapt to meet any challenge.

No matter the requirements we will do everything on our power to offer you a solution.

Our Story

Tabernacle started as a group of friends and graduates looking to practice there skills and try out new ideas in a professional environment and has grown to become a young and innovative design solution centre witch gives new and upcoming designers and artistic minds a like a platform to grow there professional persona and implement there innovative and cutting edge ideas.

Meet the Team

Here at tabernacle design we have a wide and varied staff of both full and part time designers, engineers, architects and artists. Most new graduates with fresh knowledge and a passion for there work.

P.F. Colclough - Engineer, Architect, artist and designer.

John Bosco - Innovator & Futurist

Cornelious G. Stiverson - CorniManagement, Business & Parametric Maintenance