We provide a full range of Design and Consultation services. Please contact us with your requirements to receive a quote

Structural services

Structural drawings and consultations cab be contracted on a project by project basis



Mechanical and Process

The implementation of function.

The beauty of function can be seen in its bare and minimalist nature. All aesthetics and theater are stripped away to reveal the true purpose of a structure.

Through process flow diagrams, Process and instrumentation diagrams, equipment layouts, component drawings, piping diagrams, civil layouts, structural element design, B.O.M’s, vendor drawing reviews, equipment innovation and review, Modular design consultation, and specific research reports the full glory of function can be applied to any project by our talented team. If you require these services we are available, internationally with the solution you require.

The problem-solving process can be seen and symbolized as any other process, as can the development of these processes and the lineage of their creative fruition. Flow in all forms (and aspects of life) can be attuned for maximum efficiency.

We understand that there must be destruction to create. Our aim is to break down supposed boundrys in what is possible through our dedication and total adaptability.


A full compliment of detailing services are available through our accomplished designers. Structural, mechanicle, industrial, architecturla. Whatever your idea, w ecan organise its components in easily understandable, comunicatable and implimentalble stwps for manufactor with any quality outfit. Further consultancy can be aquired for individual entripenure aiming to develop the next grass routs game changer.