Architectural Technology & Design

We can facilitate your creative need and help you through the confusing phases of the planning and design stages of your new build, facilitating your CAD drawings, helping with your planning or just guiding you through a new build. We also have a dedicated cad department to provide walk through demos, give full 3D images and apply modern techniques to traditional architectural drawings.

Our services include physical models, 3D modelling, walk through’s, image boards, project plans and practical advice and services for renovations and self builds

Carved Staffs, Totems & Walking Sticks

We have a range of caved walking sticks and canes, all original and unique starting at €80. These staffs can be carved to order and we will work with you to create a personalised and meaningful gift or legacy.

We also take on larger projects such as a totem insulation in a public space in Arklow. Designing wood spirits in a natural, untreated way to blend with the natural surroundings while bringing a light and unique are to the environment and a prominent landmark to break up the area.

Simpler walking sticks made of natural Irish wood (such as beech, oak, black thorn, ash and silver birch) sourced from sacred sites and historic areas across the country  allowing there simple form and natural finish to purvey the feel and history of its origins. Each stick comes with a certificate of history, location and material. All are capped with Irish copper and some have been veneered in traditional black overcoat.

Reliefs, Commemorative Gifts & Decorative/Bespoke Cutlery & Tableware

Personalised reliefs are available on request as well as a collection of craft pieces available for shipping today.

Hand crafted bowls, ornamental forks and spoons, including love sets great as a engagement or wedding gift are available on request with choose of engraving and design.

Hand crafted pieces for special occasions, such as personalised hand crafted rattles for baptisms can be created on order. Don’t know what to get for that special occasion? consult our innovative design team to craft the perfect personal solution to your needs.

Wood Craft

we supply many uniquely crafted object for special order, including hand turned lamps, clocks, bowls, Jewellery and tobacco boxes, picture frames and much more. If you have a special request or would like our design team to find a unique and personal design for you don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your options.

Leather Craft

We provide a wide range of to order leather work. Including belts, wallets, lighter cases, purses, tobacco pouches handbags, belt pouches, string pouches and much more. Please contact us to order your personalised leather goods.

Original & To Order Paintings

We have a wide variety of original artwork form our design team, each item is a unique and special representation from the mind of the artist. They come in many different styles and mediums.

Personal orders of specific pieces can be made both to direction and at the discretion of the artist as is required, price varies by piece.

Art & Design

Here at tabernacle design we encourage our designers to think outside the box, experiment with new mediums and create one off pieces to evolve and inspire our thinking. Reproductions of these creations can be ordered or originals purchased as they are anthropomorphised.

We also aim to design and create innovative sculptures and products for your personal styles, be they performance pieces for your gala opening or a figure to express your love for that special someone. If you have a design that needs realising we at tabernacle design will work with you to make it a reality.